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يبقي الفحص التلقائي والإصلاحات بنقرة واحدة موقعك بعيدًا عن تهديدات الأمان بخطوة واحدة.

Stop threats so your site stays up

Nobody has time for downtime — especially when business is on the line.

Your website is safe

With automatic, behind-the-scenes scanning and instant email notifications, you get more peace of mind.

Fix in a click, no manual needed

Jetpack Scan makes fixing threats easy. How easy? Most issues can be resolved in one click.

You don't want to find out from your customers that your site has a problem. It’s much better to let Jetpack be on the lookout and let you know the second it sees something you should be aware of.”

CHRIS COYIER, Web Design Expert /

Keep your site safe

Automatic scanning and one-click fixes for US$ ٩٫٠٠ per month

Automated daily scans for suspicious activity
One-click fixes for most issues
Instant email notifications when threats are detected
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All the support you need.

Every Jetpack plan comes with all the expert support and guidance you need. Have a question? Let's talk.